About Mike's Complete Home Inspection, LLC

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Mike began his career in Real Estate in 2014. Shortly after he and his wife began practicing Real Estate they began to notice that there was a great inconsistency in the home inspection field. While there were inspectors aplenty, there seemed to be few who were actually working for the buyers. Some were more interested in getting the next referral from us as agents while others were extremely intimidating in their efforts to prove their knowledge, both types left our clients feeling that they were no better advised than if they hadn’t gotten an inspection.


As Mike has had some experience in the building trades earlier in his career he decided to research how there could be such a difference. Part of this research, aside from consulting with what we felt were the “good” inspectors, included enrolling in a home inspection course to see how inspectors were taught. As he progressed through the courses it became apparent that the one big thing that made a good inspector stand out was not necessarily education or experience but the ability to communicate with the client in terms they could relate to.


It is to this end that Mike has geared his business. While it was not his original intent to become a home inspector, it has been a natural progression. Mike’s Complete Home Inspection was officially started in 2016; shortly thereafter he brought on his brother Jerin with his experience in plumbing and mechanicals, to help streamline the inspection process.


It is our goal at Mike’s Complete Home Inspection to provide a quality, informative inspection with an in-depth report that gives a true picture of the condition of your new home. Purchasing a house is likely the largest and most important investment many people will ever make. We want to help you feel comfortable that you have made an informed decision on what you’re soon to call your home.

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